Why choose a custom Wedding Venue Illustration?

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Wedding venue illustrations are a beautiful, little piece of art. Venues where we celebrate and the special places we’ve been all hold a place in our hearts and evoke memories. Custom illustrations are the perfect way to show your personal style as a couple. They personalise your wedding stationery in a totally unique way. Here are some great reasons of why you should choose a custom wedding venue illustration.

A custom wedding venue illustration elevates your stationery

An illustration is personal to you and your partner and shows your artistic flair. It is a fun and unique way to leave an impression on your guests. Having an illustration provides a peek of your event to your guests. It is a keepsake they will keep on their fridge in anticipation.

A custom illustration is also very versatile. You can use it on on one or several pieces of your wedding stationery. Your stationer can create invitations, envelope liners or menus with your wedding venue illustration.

You can also get a custom map with illustrations. It is a practical guide for out of town guests and a decorative feature in your wedding suite.

Your wedding venue is where you say your vows

All your memories of your wedding will be at this special location. Your venue illustration is of the very place where you started your married life. It is the romantic location where you declared your love for each other!

A wedding venue illustration is a keepsake

As well as including an illustration on your stationery, we provide a special print with your names and wedding date on it. It can be framed and displayed in your home as a favourite little piece of art. Guests will also keep your invitations, especially people who appreciate beautiful paper goods.

You can choose other illustrations too

Getting a custom illustration of your wedding venue is wonderful. But you can also choose a favourite location, significant building, meaningful landmark or even your pet to get illustrated! I’ve drawn everything from cathedrals and churches, mountains and cabins, and private homes. Illustrations can be symbolic of your relationship and meaningful to your love story.

So how does getting a wedding venue illustration work?

When you choose a custom wedding venue illustration, we chat about the venue and the view you would like me to capture. I usually work off photos of the venue and hand draw each illustration so they are perfectly bespoke. Lots of love and time goes into each sketch. Each hand drawn line has character and a liveliness because of the uniqueness of hand drawing. The drawings start with pencil on paper and then detail is added by pen or ink. I can also add watercolour paint to create tones and depth. Then illustrations are scanned and digitised to be printed. 

Please check here for more information on our illustrations.