Wedding Stationery Trends 2023-2024

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Wedding Stationery Trends 2023-2024. Choosing your wedding stationery is such an exciting part of your wedding planning. It makes your wedding day seem much more real when your guests receive their invitations and the RSVPs start arriving back. It’s a good idea to settle on your wedding theme and colours. Then you can make a cohesive statement with your stationery choices.  If you’re not sure of what to choose, here are some of the most popular stationery trends I’m seeing this season. 


Monograms are still a popular choice. They are timeless and elegant and once designed can be used on several stationery items. Put a monogram on your invitations, a wax seal stamp, or envelope liners. A monogram can include not only your initials but other design elements such as a floral wreath.


Delicate florals are romantic and pretty. They give your stationery a dreamy Regency feel and hark back to gentle times. You can also choose vines and greenery for a lush, fresh look. Tie your floral stationery colour palette into your wedding flowers for a cohesive look. 


Hand drawn illustrations are the perfect way to personalise your stationery and make it completely unique to you. Choose illustrations that are sentimental and meaningful to you as a couple.

They don’t have to be just your venue illustration. They could be a favourite destination, flowers or even a shared hobby such as beach walking, tramping in the mountains or fishing! Illustrations can be drawn in a simple ink or for a subtle touch of colour, painted in a soft watercolour. Use illustrations on invitations, maps, monograms, menus, or wedding signage. They also make for a precious keepsake after the wedding. 


Splashes of pretty pastel colours are popular this season. Incorporating dusky blue, sky blue, sage green, or soft yellows and peaches add warmth and a little fun to your designs. Be playful and bold to add an element of surprise. 


Embossers are a small hand press that creates a raised design on a piece of stationery. You can emboss invitations and other paper items but they look especially pretty on an envelope flap. What a way to give a first impression to your guests when they receive their invite! Choose your initials or a small illustration. Embossers can be used forever after on any stationery and are a lovely keepsake of your wedding day.

Wedding Stationery Trends 2023-2024

Have fun with your stationery designs and add all the personal details that you love as a couple. 

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