The Inkberry Beginners Calligraphy Kit
with worksheets


The kit includes the very best equipment you need to start learning modern pointed pen calligraphy. The kit is designed to complement an instruction lesson either by pre-recorded video, Zoom lesson or Face to Face lesson.

You’ll receive a straight pen holder, a nib, a 40ml jar of ink, blank practice paper and worksheets. The worksheets include a calligraphy supplies sheet, a practice drills sheet, a Modern Font exemplar, a stroke sheet and practice worksheets to guide you through all the lowercase and uppercase letters. Presented in a gorgeous box, the kit is great if you want everything ready to go without having to leave the house.

I recommend using the kit alongside an instruction lesson. Then you can practice the skills you learn and start off with the best foundation to build your skills. Choose from a pre-recorded video lesson, a Zoom lesson or, if you live in Auckland, a Face to Face lesson. The kit will be shipped to you and may take a few days to arrive so it’s best to order your kit up to a week before you’d like to take your lesson.