Onsite and Event Calligraphy

Onsite and event calligraphy and calligraphy activations are a great option for your business. Calligraphy is warm, personal and just that little bit unique. I provide event calligraphy for in-store or on-site. I also hold calligraphy demonstrations and run corporate workshops.

It’s a great way to include a personal touch for your clients at event activations, media or product launches, or parties. Most people haven’t seen calligraphy written live. So it is always special and interesting for them to watch, especially if I am writing personal calligraphy just for them.

Onsite event calligraphy for Burberry
VIP Christmas Cards for Burberry

I hand write in real time and personalise cards for VIP clients or personal messages on paper goods. Not only that, I have also written calligraphy on gift tags, Christmas cards, and even lipsticks and luggage tags! You will often find me in-store on all the major holidays such as Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.

I also work closely with PR and Marketing companies to do calligraphy activations. I have personalised leather wallets and boxes and written calligraphy messages on champagne bottles! To welcome VIP guests, I hand write place cards for special PR events and create bespoke stationery such as menus. I also address envelopes for luxury invitations.

Previous clients include Karen Walker, Burberry, Tiffany & Co, Moet, Superette International, Gucci, Christian Dior, Calvin Klien, L’Occitane, Bobbi Brown, Karen Murrell, DFS, and kikkiK amongst others.

Calligraphy Activation for Hustle and Bustle/Moet

Please enquire about my onsite rate and to book your onsite and event calligraphy activations.

Christmas Gift Tags for Karen Walker
Personalised customer gift tags for Calvin Klein
Calligraphy Activation with Hustle & Bustle for Moet