Inkberry x Doodlewear – An Artist Collaboration “When Flowers Speak” is a floral T-shirt collection created as an artist’s collaboration with Doodlewear.

Recently I collaborated with the amazing Doodlewear company on a range of T-shirts and tote bags. It was the perfect collaboration as Doodlewear are great supporters of New Zealand artists by printing art works on wearable clothing items. I created six designs with hand painted ink and watercolour floral bouquets with hand lettered phrases. The floral collection called “When Flowers Speak” is inspired by my garden and the beauty flowers give. The illustrations include lots of my favourite flowers such as hydrangeas, peonies, lavender, dahlias, cosmos, and sweet peas.

Flowers whisper words to inspire, uplift, and guide. The six designs contain positive messages as a reminder to ourselves and encouragement to others. The “Seek Beauty” design is a little reminder to seek beauty in all the little moments of our life while the “Roam Free” design encourages us to explore not only our outer physical world but our inner world too and to be free of the things that limit us.

“Happiness is…” is a design that shows us that happiness is in everything around us, in nature, in small moments, and everyday life. “Wildflower” encourages us to be ourselves, and be an individual. The “Bloom Wildly” T-shirt reminds us to grow in our life, follow our dreams, create without boundaries. And lastly, “Soul of Sunshine” encourages us to beam happiness.

You can shop Inkberry x Doodlewear – An Artist Collaboration collection of T-shirts on the Doodlewear website or on the links in the pictures below. Or if you are a flower lover and would like prints or greeting cards you can purchase in my shop too.

Inkberry x Doodlewear - An Artist Collaboration