Calligraphy is a timeless art but still has a contemporary, fresh feel.
I work with a variety of font styles, inks, paints, and papers to bring
vibrancy and beauty to create or preserve memories with our calligraphy services.
There really is no limit to what your imagination and some lovely lettering can create!
Our calligraphy services include: Wedding Stationery, Wedding Signage, Envelope Addressing,
Logos and Branding, Literary Quotes, Poems, Readings and Vows, Love Letters,
Whakapapa/Family trees, Certificates, and Book Inscriptions.

Calligraphy Font Styles

Envelope Addressing

Calligraphy envelope addressing looks timeless and elegant and your guests will just know that there is something memorable in the making. From modern to elegant, flourished to a little bit wild, choose the calligraphy style that perfectly complements your invitations here and set the tone for your event. Embellish your envelopes with our wax seals for ultimate old world romance.

Place Cards and Escort Cards

If you’re like me, you love all the finer details and making everything just a little bit more special. Guests get so excited to see their name in calligraphy, something they both notice and remember. It is also something fun for them to keep as a memento of your wedding day. I have every kind of place card from handmade paper, and card to vellum or agate. Embellish with pretty silk ribbons or wax seals for luxury.

On the Day Wedding Stationery

Create a cohesive look on your special day with vow booklets, table numbers, order of service booklets and menus by coordinating your stationery with the ambience of your wedding.

Wedding Signage

Anything you need to greet or guide your guests can be hand-written in our lovely calligraphy. My range of signs includes welcome signs, seating charts, bar menus, cards and gifts signs, and direction signs. Choose from natural, whitewash or stained wood, card, or fabric to create uniquely bespoke signage.

Poems & Quotes

Whether it’s writing a love letter, a favourite poem or your vows for an anniversary, it all just looks so much more exceptional when hand written in lovely lettering. Combine luxury paper and luscious inks for the perfect gift or wall art.

Logo Design and Branding

Calligraphy lends itself perfectly to sophisticated brand identities. Your logo is the face of your business and conveys your style, values and qualities. Using delicate typography and custom illustrations, I’ll work hard to find the right voice for your brand.